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Claire had a clear vision for what she wanted in her Senior pictures – and I love that in my clients! She has a definite sense of self and style, and some of the most GLORIOUS and wonderful hair I’ve ever photographed – AKA long and shiny and amazing. We also shot some Instax film during her Session – something I’d love to do more of! Instant shots add so much fun to the Session and are a unique element to showcase your personality. My 2017 Senior season is starting to book up and I’m getting excited, so be on the look out for lots more Seniors on the blog soon! -xo- Laura Jude

Wendy & Daniel are two of the sweetest, most kind people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They flew me to Nashville to document their love, and we had so much fun! We explored the city and had were treated with the most glorious Autumn sunset. These two are so smiley and in love and obviously have tons of fun together. I’m so excited for their wedding in August! -xo- Laura Jude

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Ohh my goodness guys – this is a big post!! Mallory and Chris were married on a crazy beautiful day last August. Seriously, this wedding was gorgeous!!  Mallory and Chris are one of the sweetest couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They were so welcoming to me and my team and such gracious hosts. PLUS they threw a super killer party! Seriously – keep an eye out for photos of my second shooter Tyler, my friend Drew [their videographer!] and me partying it up with them at the end of the night!

My favorite things:
+ The location! It was gorgeous, and the light was perfect all day! Lighting during all parts of the day at your wedding is so crucial to how your images turn out, and this day was like a photographers dream! Perfect.
+ The fun! There was so much laughter and joy this whole day, and that’s my all time favorite thing to capture.
+ two beautifully adorable matching flower girls
+ a bathing suit ceremony photo-bomber
+ just about the dreamiest lakeside sunset ever
+ a popcorn bar AND homemade dessert table!
+ the party!! This was such a fun group, and they made us feel so welcome for the dance party – we had a blast!

This wedding day was fantastic start to finish, and I was so happy to be able to capture it! -xo- Laura Jude

PS. Check out their engagement photos here!